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One way to be sure of having unusual flowers is to use white silk flowers and tint them by hand to mimic some of the more unusual color combinations. You can go further and spray paint them, but for a more natural look use colored markers, or the sort of paints and markers you would use for scrapbooking, and just a tiny touch to the petals.

White roses can look very special with a pale pink tinge, or you can add some apricot. White amayrllis look fabulous at Christmas, but for other times of year you can tint them red, or pink, you can even give them stripes. Blue hydrangeas are stunning flowers, but white hydrangeas where the petals have been tinted with just a hint of blue, make stunning bouquets for a blue themed wedding. It is rare for natural flowers to be solidly colored so some shading can make silk flowers look a lot more realistic.

When it comes to the showier blooms, like gerber daisies, they tend to be more solidly colored, so you can go to town with spray.

Real flowers can also be spray painted, but it’s very easy to overdo. The best way to change the color of a flower is to add some food coloring to the vase water and allow the flower to suck it up.

If you’re looking for an unusual color combination and you don’t want to paint or change your flowers, try adding ribbons in the color you want. Wired ribbons can add color and charm to a flower arrangement as well as a touch of luxury. Twigs and poppy seed heads can be very effective when sprayed, white, gold, silver or black. Pine cones sprayed and with added glitter look wonderful on the Christmas table, but don’t overlook iris, or transparent glitter, which makes the flowers and leaves look as though they have a beautiful, subtle touch of frost.

If you’re looking for unusual flowers, don’t be held back by what you can find in the shops. Buy white silk flowers, and make your own!

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Some of my favorite books, and my favorite flowers. Orchids look unusual and exotic in every situation, they last well, and these golden mokara orchids are so eye catching and unusual I couldn't resists them. There's no reason you shouldn't add them to a vase with no further preparation, but with the art of Ikebana, you might find one bunch of orchids stretches a very long way. These unusual arrangements are elegant and thought provoking - just why do they appeal the way they do. Ikebana is a fascinating subject, so Ive included a book I enjoyed on the subject as well as something which always used to be difficult to find, a pebble shaped ikebana vase. Now, thanks to amazon, this beautiful and unusual container is only a click away.

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